December 31, 2014


Just made a few new matcaps for sculpting (nice to change it up, every now and then) and figured i share them.

Grab them here.

They're all 512x512 PNG images, so they should work in most applications that use matcaps.


For use within blender

As of now (2.72) there is no direct way (that i know) to access blenders built-in matcap menu.
The easiest way to use matcaps, is to setup a new material for it.

  • Make a new material
  • In the material tab, select Shadeless
  • In the texture tab, assign a new texture and load the matcap image.
  • Set mapping coordinates to Normal

Make sure you are in GLSL mode (properties panel > shading > GLSL) and switch the view to textured.

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