February 12, 2013

ScreenMirror App

If you draw often, you probably know that your eyes tend to get used to what you look at pretty quick, and when you come back later, you suddenly find -obvious- mistakes in your work, that you did not notice at all while drawing.

A common help with this, is holding a drawing against a mirror - to get a fresh look on it - which usually makes mistakes pop out immediately. I've known people who keep a mirror right above their drawing board, so they have a mirrored view available all the time.

If you're working digital, flipping the image horizontally has the same effect.

A while back, i've had a talk with Nicc about Photoshop, not being able to give you a realtime mirrored preview when drawing. It does allow opening a secondary view of a document, but as soon as you flip one, the other will as well. I first was thinking of writing a Photoshop plugin to make this work, but eventually ended up making a small java application that allows recording an area of the screen and showing a flipped (or distorted) view of it. 

It's not very polished right now, but it should work fine.
Figured i post it, maybe someone else has a use for it, or is just curious.

A quick summary page for it (and downloads for mac/win/linux), can be found here.

I'd consider it an alpha build, so there might be bugs - use at your own risk -

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